Sarah Alford
Mr. Dodge: The Bibliography Raincoat (2008)Millefiori (2005- 2010)Sullivan Fence (2007)Fence for a Flax Field (2009)Biohazard (2009)Remember the Seed Germ: for Louis Sullivan (2010)hot glue necklacePigeon Print Lace for Ellen Gates Starr (detail)Morphotype (detail), 2013
Hot Glue
This work is made by drawing with hot glue, a humble material that swept me off my feet with its flexibility, strength and beauty. I began drawing lace with it, impressed by how perfectly hot glue records every gesture of the hand. The two pieces, of which I’ve sent images, are large swaths of transparent lace-like hot glue fabric made by drawing repeats of a design over and over and over again. The repeat slowly changes as I make new templates incorporating the lines made by the strings of glue into a new repeat. This causes the fabric to change from a coherent open work into one that is no less controlled, but very dense and layered